"RADI Medical Systems, Inc. is a fast growing US subsidiary of a European high-tech medical device company. We rely heavily on the transactional and regulatory expertise of Puritan Faust's attorneys. Our day-to-day operations run smoother and we feel more secure having them on our team."

~ John A. Sasso, Director of North American Operations, RADI Medical Systems, Inc.



Puritan Faust has proven expertise in managing and implementing the full range of responsibilities performed by in-house corporate counsel and business strategists for high-technology companies. Puritan Faust excels in domestic and international business-to-business enterprise software, Internet-protocol services, telecommunications and Internet-encryption hardware and software, in addition to the full range of traditional corporate-law services.

In order to keep response times prompt and costs to our clients at half to one third of what large firms charge, Puritan Faust focuses on providing legal and business-strategy advice in the following areas of practice:

For the purpose of ensuring the growth of your business, Puritan Faust has developed relationships with domestic and international service providers who can fulfill your supplementary needs including litigators, immigration specialists, estate planners, patent attorneys, software escrow agents, web developers and logo designers.

Commercial Transactions, Drafting & Negotiations. Puritan Faust's attorneys have drafted and negotiated hundreds of domestic and international commercial transactions. They have streamlined standard form agreements for nondisclosure issues, intellectual-property licensing, enterprise software licenses, professional consulting, OEM distribution, joint marketing, sales agents, web hosting, voice-over IPs, virtual private networks, network-firewall monitoring, Internet service-provider distribution, on-line auctions, employee and executive relationships, project-based consulting, commercial leasing and settlement and release disputes..

New Business Organizations & Venture-Capital Funding. Our attorneys have helped many entrepreneurs establish new business entities and international or domestic subsidiaries. They have the expertise to help entrepreneurs choose the business entity best suited for their circumstances and establish it quickly. Puritan Faust is well versed in the complicated process of establishing and maintaining all forms of legal entities: C corporations, S corporations, limited-liability companies, partnerships, limited-liability partnerships and business trusts in a variety of states. Additionally, Puritan Faust can keep your enterprise running smoothly by managing your corporate governances.

Corporate Goverance, SEC, HIPAA, Merger & Acquisitions. Puritan Faust's attorneys have served as corporate officers and members of senior-management teams. They have been actively involved in all day-to-day legal and business issues associated with running and developing fast-growing enterprises. They can maintain your corporate books and records, making sure you meet all required filing deadlines. They have participated in numerous due-diligence exercises on behalf of buyers and sellers of corporate entities and have negotiated the resulting mergers and acquisitions.

Labor & Employment Issues. Puritan Faust can help with almost any labor or employment problem. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients on hiring and firing decisions, disciplinary actions, employee-benefits issues, pay disputes and leaves of absence. They have also handled some of the more difficult new regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state and federal Family Leave Acts. Our attorneys have appeared at numerous state and federal agencies on behalf of clients to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Intellectual-Property Planning & Protection. Whether it is a trademark, copyright, trade secret or patent issue, Puritan Faust has the experience and the resources to manage your intellectual-property portfolio. Our attorneys have developed and introduced patent-discovery protection, domestic and international intellectual-property protection and educational programs to dozens of corporations.

Dispute Resolution & Investigations. Puritan Faust has represented clients in all types of corporate disputes. They have successfully represented clients in collection matters valued at over $ 1.5 million, often without litigation. If a trial is unavoidable, we can arrange for you to be represented by some of the very best trial lawyers available. Before that happens, however, Puritan Faust will utilize the very latest in alternative dispute-resolution techniques. Our attorneys can help you resolve small disputes without paying more in fees than the dispute is worth. They have coordinated and managed internal due diligence, interviews and responses in investigations conducted by the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency and numerous other state and federal agencies on behalf of domestic and international corporate clients.

Import/Export Issues. Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of international corporate transactions. They will get your products or services through the maze of import and export regulations in a timely manner. They have significant experience in developing and implementing compliance programs that satisfy these very complicated regulations. They can also train you and your staff to administer these programs easily once they are put in place and provide auditing services to ensure continued compliance.

Regulatory Compliance, Domestic & International. When it comes to governmental regulation, you will be glad to have Puritan Faust on your side. Our attorneys have spent over 20 years navigating clients through business regulations. They have represented clients in numerous state and federal administrative agencies, including the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, the EEOC, the MCAD and other state human-rights commissions, the Texas Board of Private Investigators, The Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the New Jersey and Ontario Casino Control Commissions. They have participated in Hart, Scott, Rodino filings, Department of Justice information requests, SEC investigations and other matters relating to the operation and merging of public companies. Puritan Faust attorneys have successfully resolved anti-trust claims brought by third-party service companies, who were represented by nationally known anti-trust counsel, and a parallel investigation by the Department of Justice.


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