Doing business with Puritan Faust is easy. We work on an hourly plus costs basis when you need us. In order to keep our rates low, we require that each client sign an engagement letter. This provides confidentiality to you and lower insurance rates for us.

Engagement Letter: We invite you to review our terms and rates at your leisure prior to contacting us. All rates are locked in for at least three (3) months and we do not raise rates without providing you with prior notice.

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All engagement letters are voidable by Puritan Faust until countersigned by an authorized representative of Puritan Faust and are subject to Puritan Faust's approval, conflict-verification and business judgment. Both parties need to have a signed original copy of the engagement letter, with both party's signatures and Puritan Faust's initials. Treat these letters as an invitation to negotiate.

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