PuritanFaust, LLC is a boutique law firm focusing on domestic and international business law. Located north of Boston, Massachusetts USA, PuritanFaust serves clients world-wide in several areas including commercial transactions, 
contract drafting, contract negotiations, executive contracts, establishing business entities, corporate governance, intellectual property law, licensing issues, export/import of encryption  technology, and online commerce. In order to speed response times and lower costs to our customers,
PuritanFaust operates as a virtual law firm with each of its attorneys operating online through a variety of high-tech tools.  
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Referring  Attorneys

There is no risk of losing a client's legal business due to your referral to Puritan Faust, LLC. We only take clients within our specified areas of practice (see Areas of Practice). If you refer your clients for representation by Puritan Faust, we will not assist them with any legal matters outside their commercial/business concerns nor will Puritan Faust refer them to another law firm without your prior permission. We will not disrupt your relationship with your clients. In fact, we often refer our clients to other boutique law firms for their litigation, GSA, patent, real-estate, and other legal and business needs. Puritan Faust desires to practice only within its core competency in order to provide rapid response times at a reasonable price.

It is important to note, that we at Puritan Faust found the long standing practice of referral fees, which range from ten (10%) to forty (40%) percent commissions on billable hour, between attorneys/law firm antiquated, ultimately detrimental to the client and one of the primary forces driving legal fees to exorbitant levels. As a result of this view point, we do not enter into nor require referal agreements.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to contact us, via email, at



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