"Is even Hell with statutes paved? I am intrigued -- Then with you gentlemen a compact could, and safely to be entered?"

~ Von Goethe, Faust


The mutual nondisclosure agreement (commonly referred to as a "NDA") is the most common business-to-business contractual agreement. It allows for communication between you and your employees, customers, contractors and business partners while protecting your essential intellectual-property portfolio.

Puritan Faust understands the significance of being an initiator of trust and free exchange. To demonstrate Puritan Faust's unique approach to contracts, we would like to share our sample international mutual NDA. Feel free to download and review a copy. It showcases our style: concise, but with all the important elements.

ownload (MSWord 2000 Protected) (67k)

Important: This is a sample contract and is not intended to provide legal advice. Contracts must be tailored to each situation. This example is specific to a U.S.-based company communicating with an international corporation. Areas in {blue} are either business variables or have significant legal impact, both of which are commonly negotiated.

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