Which path is yours? That niche market will not be available for long. Nailing your numbers before the quarter closes is just out of reach, thanks to bottlenecks in negotiations. You have a bleeding budget: the consequence of luxuriating in bureaucratic and hierarchical law firms.

You need a firm that understands your business needs, communicates efficiently, responds rapidly and provides you with practical advice you can use.

Puritan Faust takes the classic law firm model and turns it on its head -- giving you direct access to a highly-skilled attorney that uses the communication method you prefer. Puritan Faust does not unnecessarily cycle your issues through associates for review, which only serves to train new attorneys while escalating your cost of doing business.

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Time is money, especially when it is billable. The contracts, reviews and communications from Puritan Faust are designed to save time and promote your independence. If you need to do research, perform heavy processing or complete extra steps in order to act on legal advice, something is wrong.

You have a business to run and the legal ramifications of doing so are halting your progress. Your law firm does not have the industry grasp or the response times to pull off the business aspect of your projects. Your best business minds do not have the training to pull off the legal aspect. And, expanding your in-house counsel staff simply does not fit into budget. Where do you find equilibrium?

When enterprise demands tip the scales, Puritan Faust levels them off. Our legal training is backed by strategic business expertise. Puritan Faust features attorneys who have served as in-house corporate counsel to high-tech companies as well as fulfilled various business roles. They also have worked in law firms and understand the eclectic needs of a diverse range of clients. Not only can they cover all angles of your transactions on their own, but they can do it without overhead and without accruing outrageous billable hours.

You will not have to brush up on your Latin to oversee Puritan Faust's progress. Puritan Faust's attorneys speak in business terms, giving you practical advice you can use immediately. Their contracts are concise, readable and still protective. They can explain, in real terms, their strategies so you can comprehend your transactions from all perspectives and make your own decisions.

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