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About Puritan Faust

Lady liberty holding scales of justice"Why Puritan Faust?"

Side by side, these words might seem peculiar or even a paradox. The Puritans of 17th-century England and 18th-century New England were best known for their religious zeal, moral conservatism, and political and social reform. Faust was a 19th-century German poetic drama by Wolfgang von Goethe - based on a 16th-century professor with a reputation for shrewdness - about a scholar who outwits the devil by exchanging his soul for knowledge, and then uses that knowledge to convince the devil to break the contract and let him keep his soul.

As experienced business lawyers, Puritan Faust's attorneys find themselves with one foot in each world. The motivations of traditional legal counsel (thoroughness, protection, and caution) often clash with those of business executives (responsiveness, practicality, and high-yield risk). Puritan Faust champions a new model in business law. In order to properly serve a business market, an attorney must apply legal expertise in a way that coincides with the brisk, progressive pace of the corporate environment. Tradition for tradition's sake has no place in that environment -- neither does esoteric arrogance or technophobia.

Puritan Faust believes many of the larger, more traditional law firms forgot their lifeblood is meeting the practical needs of their customers. Since Puritan Faust's attorneys have served as both business executives and in-house counsel for corporations, they understand how to be an effective part of that environment rather than a hindrance or a dreaded necessity.

Puritan Faust's logos achieve harmony in combining black with white, just as its attorneys pride themselves on balancing competing factors, thereby providing a unique new service to clients: fast, practical legal advice you can use now, and the security of knowing this advice protects your business.

"Turn him to any cause of policy, the Gordian Knot of it he will unloose."
~ William Shakespeare, Henry V